Tellico’s Group of Green Thumbs

Tellico Village Garden Club

As you drive through Tellico Village, you’ll quickly realize it is a beautiful place. Located along the relaxing waters of Tellico Lake nestled just in the foothills of the rolling Smoky Mountains the community enjoys some of the most picturesque views around – at least we think so. With such a setting, it only seems natural for our community to reflect the beauty of our surroundings. That’s where we call in the Tellico Village Garden Club.

For more than two decades these green thumbs have gone above and beyond to contribute to the welcoming aesthetic of the neighborhood we so proudly call home. Countless hours and resources have gone into improving the quality of our surroundings while inspiring others to love and enjoy gardening as a hobby. From field trips to maintenance of neighborhood gardens, the Tellico Village Garden Club keeps busy throughout the year so we all have gorgeous land to enjoy.

You can thank these skilled men and women for the well-nourished flowers planted outside our neighborhoods. They’ve work hard to keep them thriving. Next time you play the Tanasi Golf Course, you can think of their dedication while appreciating the gardens alongside your golf game. In fact, they’ve tended all of the gardens that line our three golf courses.

Tellico Village Garden Club 2

Best of all, the beauty of the Tellico Village Garden Club is not just in our community’s appearance. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a club that goes the extra mile to help a neighbor out. They’ve donated to numerous gardens including the University of Tennessee Gardens, Knoxville Botanical Gardens and Ijams Nature Center. As an organization, they support environmental sustainability through supporting anti-litter campaigns and give to the less fortunate through contributing garden tools to Habitat for Humanity.

Together their beauty shines from the inside out as they work to preserve our community as a whole. From maintaining the greenery lining our roads to making substantial contributions to our neighboring towns, these Villagers have banded together to make a difference all while having fun along the way.

The group meets on the first Thursday of every month. For more information and upcoming events visit the club’s website.