Local Weather

With its Tennessee Valley location, Tellico Village enjoys the four seasons at their best.

From mild winters to breathtaking falls, the climate in east Tennessee produces glorious landscapes and facilitates year-round outdoor activity

Tellico Village is fortunate to be housed in the Tennessee River Valley, the nations fifth largest river valley covering more than 41,000 square miles. To the west and northwest, the Cumberland Mountains diminish any storms coming across the Cumberland Plateau, while to the southeast and east the Smoky Mountains lessen the impact of weather come from the Atlantic coast through North Carolina.

Residents of the Tennessee River Valley and Tellico Village enjoy a temperate four-season climate featuring long, lazy springs and elongated falls. Being in the south, Villagers do experience warm summers with the humidity of late June, July and August ending in mid-September. The fall color peak is traditionally around November 1st. The winter months are December, January and February with January being the coldest, averaging a high of 48 degrees and a low of 30 degrees. East Tennessee customarily experiences less than six inches of snow annually. On the rare occasion when there is snow, Villagers just hang out in their homes until 10:00 am or noon, because the snow will have dissipated by that time.

A side-benefit of this moderate climate: Tellico Lake never freezes. Villagers enjoy the bright blue views of the lake year-round.

For retirees looking for moderate four-season climate to enjoy outdoor life, Tellico Village is an ideal location.

Tellico Lake | Men on Fishing Boat
Villagers enjoying a break while hiking.

Average Temperatures

High Low
January 48.2° 30.0°
February 52.8° 33.1°
March 61.4° 39.8°
April 71.2° 48.0°
May 78.9° 56.9°
June 85.7° 64.9°
July 88.4° 68.7°
August 87.8° 67.5°
September 82.5° 61.1°
October 71.7° 48.9°
November 60.0° 38.1°
December 51.0° 32.8°

Winter snowfall measures less than six inches. With the moderate weather, Villagers enjoy outdoor activities, including golf, year-round.

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