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The Public Library at Tellico Village is a full-service library that is open to all who live in Loudon and the surrounding communities.

The mission of the library is to be the center for lifelong learning, providing the community with access to information, materials, technology, and services to fulfill personal growth, cultural enrichment, and knowledge in all fields of interest. With a monthly average of 3,000 people coming into the library and an average monthly circulation of over 6,000 items (physical and digital), the goals of our mission are viable.

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The library not only lends books, movie/educational DVDs, and audiobooks, but patrons can also download electronic books from the state’s ebook system at no charge, using their library card. Specialty items for lending include a variety of themed backpacks for children of different age groups, as well as telescopes to view our east TN night skies.

Throughout the year the library offers classes, lectures, and presentations; most of them are free. Examples include ipad classes, seminars on medicare and social security, and topical presentations on history, health, genealogy, travel, and many others. The library also has local history and large print collections, as well as 80 periodical subscriptions for lending.

Community outreach is a vital part of this library. With a dedicated group of volunteers, we provide off-campus services such as free online tutoring help for students, delivery of books and materials to disabled patrons at home, and also to assisted living and nursing home facilities. Reading services and audiobooks are available to those who are visually impaired.

The story of this library is unique. From its start in 1987 as a small collection in a room at the Yacht Club, it has established itself as a community asset in its present 6400 square foot facility. The library is owned and funded by the Friends of the Tellico Village Library, a 501(c)3 organization, with Loudon county paying the salaries for a full-time manager and part-time assistant manager. Tellico Village POA provides an annual stipend. Because the property is located outside of an incorporated town, there is no tax base, meaning no municipality funding is available.  Therefore, the Friends organization pays for the library’s mortgage, utilities, and maintenance – a heavy financial load. All patrons are encouraged to become a member of the Friends of the Tellico Village Library; these membership dues help keep the doors open.

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