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The Tellico Village Yacht and Country Club is the social and dining center of the Village.

Situated on a beautiful peninsula overlooking Tellico Lake, this 20,400 square-foot building includes a lounge, dining areas, loft and gallery levels and incorporates large expanses of glass facing the lake on all three levels of the building.  It is located adjacent to the largest marina in Tellico Village and provides guest docks for boaters who wish to visit the Yacht Club by water.

The Yacht Club’s Blue Heron Restaurant offers exceptional lakeside dining in one of the most spectacular lakefront settings in East Tennessee. Brunches, lunches and dinners are prepared by a noted chef with international experience.

Throughout the year, the Yacht Club features highly anticipated offerings such as the Tiki Bar, wine tasting dinners, chef cook-off challenges, and holiday fireworks celebrations. Other special events, such as the Christmas Gala and Margaritaville, add enjoyment to the lives of Tellico Village residents.

The Tellico Village Yacht and Country Club (TVYCC) is a member of Yachting Clubs of America (YCA). Through their membership in the TVYCC, Tellico Village residents have reciprocal privileges at more than 800 yacht clubs throughout the United States and the United States Virgin Islands. YCA cardholders benefits include docking and dining rights at some of the most prestigious yachting clubs in America.There is a small fee to become a YCA member. Just another benefit of being a resident in one of the best retirement communities in the southeast.


Of all the events that happen in a lifetime, a wedding will be the most romantic. And many people probably have dreamed about what a wedding should be like all of their life – what the bride and the attendants will wear, the magic scenery of the spot where they’ll say their vows, the delicious cuisine guests will eat, the flowers, the music.

Please consider Tellico Village Yacht Club as the destination where all those fantasies can become reality. For starters, consider the settings – acres of green rolling hills looking out over the lake and mountains, a timeless backdrop for a special day.

To learn more Call our wedding coordinator at 865-458-4363 or by EMAIL