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Tellico Village has more than 8,800 residents who come from all over the United States. Every state in the union is represented as well as several foreign countries. This diverse group of people has created a friendly, welcoming community and a special way of life. It’s part of why “it’s better at Tellico Village.”

Opportunities abound for Villagers to foster a passion: creative, athletic or intellectual. Volunteerism is part of the community’s DNA. With the residents running the community, volunteers are involved in all aspects of Village life. Tellico Village has an excellent quality of life, thanks to the volunteering nature of its residents. Villagers are truly dependent on each other for providing a unique lifestyle in one of the country’s best retirement communities.

One of the many ways new people become ingrained in the fabric of the community is to participate in the Village’s innumerable clubs, life-long learning opportunities, volunteer organizations and churches that serve Tellico Village.



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