Villagers Giving Paddle Boarding a Try

Here at Tellico Village, some residents are trying paddle boarding for the very first time. Recreation Manager Simon Bradbury has brought the latest trend here to the village. Villagers are able to take classes at Tugaloo Beach this summer with a recreation membership. Beginner classes are available as well as an introductory paddle board yoga class. Classes are taught and operated by Four Winds Yoga of Tennessee instructor, Brian Howell. Howell provides personal floatation devices, paddles, and boards for each participant. There are no age limits where paddle boarding is concerned. Bradbury wants to send a clear message that recreation is not just a wellness center. He encourages people to get outdoors as well and to enjoy the natural wonders that exist here. Recreation is about living a healthy, active lifestyle and finding something that you enjoy. Some people like to walk, some people like tennis, some like yoga, and some like pickleball. Why not kayaking or paddle board? We have one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States. For most, this summer has been the first experience on a paddle board. Instructor Brian Howell says that so far, every student has been able to get to a standing position on their boards. There has been a waiting list for every class.

Additional paddle board opportunities may rise in the future. For now, villagers are enjoying something new, increasing their balance, and making new friends. The future looks bright for paddle boarding in Tellico Village.