Tellico Village Positioned to Grow from Today’s Retirement Trends

LOUDON, TENN. (November 1, 2013): The retirement landscape in the Untied States is changing. News articles highlighting the broken retirement system plaguing the U.S. infiltrate the media and some analysts are even saying Social Security is destined to run out of funds by 2033. Statistics like these make Baby Boomers across the country fearful for retirement.

Although there is not an easy fix for America’s underfunded retirement system, there are ways Baby Boomers can retire without sacrificing the lavish lifestyle they’ve worked so hard to save for. One option is finding a retirement destination that offers a variety of amenities for an affordable price.

The state of Tennessee is growing in popularity among retirees due to affordable cost of living. With no state income tax, low property taxes and inexpensive health care, Tennessee was ranked the second cheapest state to live in for 2013 by CNBC and is home to many active-adult communities for boomers looking to relocate.

Tellico Village in Loudon County, Tenn. is a community positioned to grow from today’s retirement trends. With affordable homes and a wide range of amenities, residents of the mountain-lake community are able to build the retirement of their dreams, without sacrificing budget.

“Amenities are something Tellico Village prides itself on,” said John Cherry, public relations manager for Tellico Village. “We offer three unique golf courses, a yacht club and multiple fitness centers all for affordable rates.”

One round of golf in the community is priced at $33, a dock fee on the lake is $650 for the year and the cost of an annual membership at the fitness center is $550 for an entire family. In addition to amenities, the property taxes in the community are 1.7869 percent per $100 of assessed value and home prices range from $200k – $2 million with a $100 monthly association fee.

“There are many options for families looking to relocate to Tellico Village,” Cherry says. “It’s about finding a lifestyle that meets your wants and needs.”

Over the years, the resident run community and lakeside property has won numerous awards. In 2011 Tellico Lake was voted one of the top ten places to live and boat by Boating Magazine and in 2013, Real Estate Scorecard awarded Tellico Village the Bliss Award for Best Tennessee Community due to financial stability and affordability.

About Tellico Village

Tellico Village is a planned, active adult community established in 1986 and located in Loudon County and Monroe County, Tennessee. It encompasses nearly 5,000 acres along Tellico Lake with the community continuing to grow because of the variety of recreational amenities available and the friendliness of the nearly 7,000 residents.