Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle. At Tellico Village, we do our very best to use all the resources that we have to make our community as environmentally friendly as possible. Our Public Works Department works around the clock to ensure that our community is taken care of and functions as it should. What does Public Works do you ask?

  • Maintains all streets and street right-of-ways (shoulder/ditch line)
  • Approves ornamental street lights at the request of homeowners
  • Maintains more than 100 miles of paved streets
  • Performs snow removal
  • Mows all street right-of-ways/shoulders
  • Works on Common Property IF it is endangering homes or lives
  • Brush and leaf removal
  • Maintains all TVPOA buildings
  • Does housekeeping on all TVPOA buildings
  • Maintains the grounds around all TVPOA buildings
  • Maintains the North, South, and Kahite entrances to the Village
  • Maintains 106 miles of water lines
  • Maintains 109 miles of sewer lines
  • Reads water meters
  • Maintains the sewer system on property owners’ lots
  • Handles all permits for Common Property and Right of Way
  • Handles boat slip leases and docks
  • Responsible for construction of boat docks
  • Responsible for all RV questions, leasing, and storage
  • Responsible for the fuel dock

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff. When you look around the community, you don’t have to look far to see their white work trucks around. Spring is a busy time for them. Recently Public Works has been reducing costs and practicing recycling by mulching fallen trees and branches around the Tellico Village community. Every year the golf courses face the issue of fallen limbs. By mulching these debris items, we are able to use the mulch to beautify our grounds and community areas. A Public Works workers job is never done. As Spring has sprung, you will see them diligently working on entrances, paths, roads, and around buildings. Thank you for all you do!

Below you will see Public Works doing work at the golf courses: