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A large number of nationally recognized healthcare providers are located in Greater Knoxville. Residents receive quality care and expert attention to medical issues within minutes of Tellico Village. As expected with a city like Knoxville being designated a “best place to retire,” quality healthcare is an important feature of the community.


University of Tennessee Medical Center

One of the area’s top hospitals is the University of Tennessee Medical Center The hospital is the only academic research and training center in East Tennessee. A 609-bed hospital, UTMC is home to the region’s only dedicated heart hospital; the only adult and pediatric transplant center and has a Level I Trauma Center. Becker’s Hospital Review has named UTMC “one of the Top 100 Great Hospitals in America.” UTMC is 45 minutes from Tellico Village.

Covenant Health

Covenant Health is one of East Tennessee’s leading healthcare providers, and its hospitals, clinics, and services are known for excellence, quality and value. Based in Knoxville, the system’s facilities can be found from Crossville to Morristown, TN. It’s leading Knoxville facilities include Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and Parkwest Hospitals which is a top performing heart hospital and has a nationally recognized joint replacement specialization. Parkwest is 35 minutes from Tellico Village.

From its downtown location, the Thompson Cancer Survival Center leading cancer specialists use the most advanced technologies to achieve breakthrough successes in treating many types of cancers.

Fort Loudoun Medical Center

Fort Loudoun Medical Center is a modern 87,000 square foot hospital located 15 minutes from the center of Tellico Village. With some of the most sophisticated imaging equipment in Greater Knoxville, this Covenant Hospital and its staff of 200 doctors across 29 specialties provides excellent care to Tellico Village patients and the residents of Loudon County.


One of the largest healthcare systems in the state of Tennessee, Tennova has several facilities in Greater Knoxville. Tennova Healthcare brings quality, innovative healthcare to the area with comprehensive medical services and an experienced team of physicians and caregivers. Its flagship Knoxville area hospital can be found in Farragut, TN at the Turkey Creek Medical Center which is 30 minutes from the Village. 

Provision Proton Therapy Center

Knoxville is home to Tennessee’s only proton therapy center and one of two in the southeast. The Provision Proton Therapy Center treats all types of cancers leading edge radiation therapy. With a strong culture of care, patients can expect a combination of personalized and comprehensive treatment. The center has experienced an extremely high rate of success treating prostate cancer patients. The facility is about a 45 minute drive from the center of Tellico Village.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

A not-for-profit, independent, private pediatric care medical center, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is dedicated to providing all-inclusive care to young children. The hospital focuses on treating the entire child when dealing with a medical issue and stresses a family-center atmosphere of friendliness, cooperation and support.

The Neighborhood -Senior Living Facility

For Villagers who are caregivers for a parent, sibling or spouse, The Neighborhood at Tellico Village provides a charming senior living facility in the southern section of the community. The Neighborhood offers 24-hour nursing, assisted living and memory/Alzheimer’s care with a focus on compassionate services individualized to each resident’s specific needs.