Tellico Village is truly a resident-run community.

An seven-person volunteer Tellico Village Property Owners Association (TVPOA) Board of Directors elected from the population sets the strategic direction for the community and interacts with the Village’s general manager who oversees the day-to-day management of the Village.

The TVPOA Board oversees an annual budget approaching $26.1 million which is generated from monthly assessments and fees for use of the community’s facilities and amenities. A professional staff numbering 180 people under the direction of the general manager keeps the community’s roadways in great shape, maintains the sewer system, operates the golf and recreational facilities and performs all the other functions expected in managing one of the country’s best retirement communities.

A group of nine advisory committees advises department directors/managers and the Board. The advisory committees are:

  • Architectural Control
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Golf
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Long Range Planning
  • Public Services
  • Recreation
  • Marinas

All the committees are populated by volunteer Villagers.

The Tellico Village Property Owners Association promotes a participatory form of governance from its membership, and all meetings of the Board and committees are open to the property owners.

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