What Makes Golf Course Living Popular is 2023

Whether you are looking for convenience, investment, or amenities; golf course community living has something to offer for everyone.


The rise in working from home has brought a new demographic into golf course communities. Golf course living is no longer just for retirees or networking businessmen. Covid has changed  the workplace. Young couples who are able to work from home are now trading traditional work spaces and long commutes for a round of golf in their own backyard. Living on or near the course allows for a quick couple of holes during the workday.


Baby Boomers have made an impact on retirement in the last few years. It’s only natural to want to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and look for a new home where you can play golf whenever you want.


Many golf course communities are nestled within developed areas. You can keep beautiful landscapes and private residential life in check and still enjoy incredible shopping, entertainment, and fine cuisine within a stone’s throw from home.


Golf course living comes with many other amenities besides golf. You don’t even have to play golf to enjoy having exposure to it. Other amenities include clubs, restaurants, fitness, pools and various social organizations.


In general, golf homes hold their value and typically sell at 3-4 times higher than average single- family homes. Even in periods of economic downturns, golf homes stabilize more quickly than others. Homes on a golf course are an excellent financial, real estate investment for potential buyers when it comes to reselling if the community itself is stable and thriving.