Tellico Village Golf Pro Gives Back

Tellico Village can be described in one word: community. As many know, residents and POA staff members are quick to help others. Whether it be volunteering their time and skills, or making a donation to a local organization, the people of Tellico Village are always looking to give back. Recently, a Tellico Village golf pro gave back to the community.

When not working on the courses at Tellico Village, Adam Jacob, Head Golf Pro at Toqua, volunteers his time as a golf coach for the Greenback Middle School Golf Team. This team is comprised of four boys and three girls. He helped the team unofficially for five years prior to becoming a coach at Greenback.

According to Jacob,”the middle school’s season is in the spring so we start in February doing some indoor practice and classroom work. We go over the rules of golf, etiquette, and work on their swings a little bit”. Typically, the kids are able to practice their swings in a large classroom. If there is no snow on the ground, they are able to practice at Kahite. Practice is held four times a week for over two hours.

For about six weeks, the kids work on the range and then start to play a few holes. Jacob helps each player with perfecting their swings and gives them tips on how to play competitive golf. When practicing on a course, he goes over every aspect of the game of golf. He will discuss where to tee the ball, what clubs to hit, where to set your golf bag when playing, fixing ball marks on greens, and much more. For many, it’s their first time on a golf course so it’s important to spend time educating them about the game.

Golf matches will start in mid-March and go through the end of April. The first of May is when districts begin. The Greenback Middle School Girls Golf team recently won districts at Rockwood Golf Course. The girls also took first and fifth individually in that tournament. Adam and his co-coach, Mrs. Cagle, dedicate countless hours educating and coaching the team. Most middle school teams are told to go and practice on their own time. At Greenback, the golf team is lucky to be given plenty of time with their coaches.

All of the kids are well-behaved and the team is proving to be a successful- many parents from other schools are noticing. Parents from competing teams have even asked Adam when he is available to come help out their school. Adam is not only dedicated to growing the sport of golf within Tellico Village, but by volunteering as a coach, he is able to grow the sport of golf within the next generation of golfers.

– Jessica Miles, Marketing Content Coordinator