Tellico Village Badminton Club Medals in Senior Olympics

The State Finals of the Tennessee Senior Olympics were held in Franklin. Badminton competition was June 22 and 23. In the 60-64 age division, Patty Malone and Ron Wendoloski won Silver in Mixed Doubles. Ron Wendoloski and Chin-Zue Chen (Brentwood) won Gold in Men’s Doubles, age division 65-69. Ron Wendoloski won Gold in singles, age division 65-69.

“It’s always fun to play in this event,” said Wendoloski. “I never grow tired of it because I enjoy the challenge of competing against the best from around the state. You also meet old friends you’ve played with/against previously, and always meet some new folks with whom you establish friendships. Badminton is such a rewarding, multi-layered sport, and we here in our Village are so lucky to have a badminton club that allows ample opportunity to have fun and increase our skills.

Patty Malone added, “One reason I look forward to the State Finals every year is because it’s so rewarding to see badminton players participating in their respective age groups from 50 to over 90 years of age. Yes, there are talented badminton players who are over 90 years old! It gives me hope. By playing in the State Finals every year, it helps me measure my improvement during the previous year as well as helping me identify goals I’d like to strive to achieve in the coming year.”

“In addition,” continued Malone, “our badminton club has developed relationships with other clubs that were initiated during State Finals competitions. For example, during the past couple of years our club and the Chattanooga Badminton Club have had inter-club play days at both locations.”

For further information about the Tellico Village Badminton Club, please contact Patty Malone at 865-458-7937.