New Villagers Get Their Boots Muddy

Some people bond by cooking meals together. Others grow relationships through playing music or catching a film.

The members of Muddy Boots are a little different. Trekking trails and navigating ridges serves as a means to not only escape to nature but to build friendships with fellow Tellico Villagers.

As part of Tellico’s New Villager program, new residents have the chance to join various organizations to get to know their new home and their new friends.

For their latest adventure, participants relayed the 30 miles of trail making up the freshly completed East Lakeshore Trail System that lies right in the community’s backyard.

More than 82 relayers comprising 7 teams started their day at 6 am. We hope they had their coffee first!

Several completed the entire distance and we assume everyone else became distracted with the pristine beauty surrounding the village we call home.