Multigenerational Living – Home Is Where Your Family Is

Finding brightness in dim situations has always been a strong suit of our generation. We make the best of things and make do with what we have.

Sometimes in life things happen that cause us to live life differently than we had planned. However, when those things happen, we always find a way to make it work.

One of those bright spots is multi-generation living. This trend is not a new one in American culture, but simply one which was once forgotten.

Spending time close together, seeing one another on a daily basis and enjoying quality interactions with loved ones, shows us a life we had once forgotten. By living close to those we love we are once again exposed to the beauty of having a support system and life companions.

This new found appreciation for closer proximity to family has led many people to seek communities designed with multiple generations in mind.

The space you live in is very reflective of your life stage including the need for upkeep and maintenance, stairs to access extra space or the lack of ease of navigation through the home and sometimes even wellness professionals on call for any assistance needed.

That’s why we built The Neighborhood here at Tellico Village. We wanted our residents to have access to the active lifestyle they desire with a space for parents who are advancing in years.

Take Fred and Sue Evans for example. Fred and Sue moved to Tellico Village from Cincinnati in 2011 to enjoy the mild winters and active summers of the south.

Sue’s mother Susanne, a very independent 90-year-old, lived in Buffalo, New York in her family home of 60 years.

When Susanne had a fall, both she and Sue realized the need for closer proximity was eminent. Understandably Susanne was hesitant about leaving the home and community she had known for most of her life. She felt that if she moved away from Buffalo—away from friends and familiar sites—she would have nothing left of the life she had built for herself.

However, after hearing of all of the social activities and clubs Tellico Village offers, Susanne decided it was a good time for a move to Tennessee.

She now lives in a beautiful, universally designed condominium in The Neighborhood. Her home maintenance is taken care of by the Homeowners Association and she is very active in the community.

Susanne regularly attends meetings of social clubs and has developed closer friendships with her neighbors in the community she now lovingly calls home.

“Many people here are transplants,” said Sue. “You come here hoping to meet likeminded people. There are no cliques or barriers that keep you out of that infrastructure, making building relations easy and fun.”

For more information on The Neighborhood or other aspects of Tellico Village, visit our Discovery page.