Living Near a College Town – A Mecca for Learning and New Experiences

At 9 a.m. on Thursday, you make your way over to campus, coffee in hand for your lecture course on music theory taught by a top-notch professor. An hour later, you’re out the door and headed home to study for next week’s quiz before squeezing in a three-mile trek with your hiking group. After running a few errands, you hop in the shower and spend some time getting ready for a night on the town. By 7 p.m. you’re with friends downtown for dinner and on your way to a concert at the recital hall. It’s another day of learning and enjoying good company in a vibrant cultural scene.

Surprisingly, I’m not describing an undergraduate college experience. I’m talking about retirement and life in Tellico Village. With close proximity to the University of Tennessee and downtown Knoxville, there are endless opportunities for extended learning, sporting events, new restaurants, plays, concerts and so much more. Here, if you want it, you are guaranteed to find it and Knoxville and UT are the perfect platform for new hobbies.

With so much to do and fresh chances for personal growth, it is no surprise many baby boomers are ranking college towns as a favorite destination for retirement. Not to mention, university areas tend to have a low cost of living and pristine facilities. Here at Tellico Village, it’s safe to say we agree!

“When you come to the Knoxville area, I don’t care what your background is, just somehow or another that orange seeps into your system,” said Jane Salmon, Tellico Village resident.

Jane, a former high school Spanish and English teacher, has made the most of life near a college town. She and her husband enjoy tailgating with friends, watching the Lady Vols and soaking in the impressive theater scene. Most of all, she enjoys continuing her passion for music through community service where, at times, she works closely with UT to benefit the surrounding areas.

“Experience, education and talent moved here,” said Jane. “There are so many opportunities for volunteerism here in East Tennessee – these are fun things we are doing.”

As a president of the Tellico Village Concert Committee, Jane works with performers and musical talents in the area, including the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and the University of Tennessee music department, to share the joys of music with others. For example, the Concert Committee partners with faculty at UT to put on an annual recital, which benefits the school’s music scholarship program. In addition, the committee brings performances to Tellico Village, and gives local children resources to further pursue a passion for music.

Jane is not alone. Many Villagers feel paybacks from living near a major university and in turn work to further impact and improve the area through attending events and volunteering for local organizations. It’s fair to say living by a college creates wonderful possibilities for involvement and without the University of Tennessee, many of the exciting activities Villagers enjoy would not be the same.