Ladies Lite Luncheon and Fashion Show

Tellico Village ladies are in for some treats this spring with the Ladies Lite Luncheon and Fashion Show series.

Held at the Yacht Club on the first Wednesday of each month, this social event brings together local businesses, philanthropy and an atmosphere buzzing with Tellico Village pride.

Local boutiques and shops gather at the Yacht Club to offer an all-in-one shopping destination for attendees.

February’s event featured Premier Jewelry, The Granola Lady and Doll House Miniatures. In March, The Town Framery, Veronica G and Cranberry Hollow shared their collections.

Additionally, each monthly event features a charity guest baker. This baker provides baked goods for sale whose proceeds go towards a designated charity.

The next luncheon dates will be April 6 and May 4. For more information contact Karen Sue Keith (248) 808-2248.