Bike Riding in Tellico Village

The Tellico Village Recreation Department in Loudon, TN rolled out new activities and amenities for the community to enjoy in 2021.

Tellico Village Recreation Director Simon Bradbury announced on December 22, 2020 that a new bike trail system will be featured at all three Tellico Village golf courses. The courses include Tanasi Golf Club, Toqua Golf Club and The Links at Kahite. The courses offer gentle rolling hills, wooded areas, lush greens and lakefront views of Tellico Lake.

“People have been wanting places to bike in the Village for a long time,” Bradbury said. “As new people are coming in, they’re asking, ‘Where can I go biking?’” Bradbury, thinking outside the box for new ways to utilize amenities we already have, realized that we’ve got some paved trails already in existence. Bradbury went to Chris Sykes, Tellico Village Director of Golf, and the two brainstormed the idea.

The trails consist of cart paths and roads on each golf course. Sykes believes this is a prime opportunity to implement something many Villagers living around the courses have wanted for years. Tellico Village is an active 55+ community in Loudon, TN, and an active lifestyle is a common thing here. This is a perfect solution to give the people what they are asking for, utilize space and resources and keep people safe and healthy.

“There’s been a desire for more parkland-type areas within Tellico Village. Villagers have always used the courses before and after golf hours, but we’ve added some parameters for the parkland activity. People routinely walk their dogs, exercise or run the golf courses ahead of play or in the evening after play. We devised a plan of action for folks to be able to do that and to do it as safely as possible.”

Each bike tour lasts an hour and is guided by Sykes, Bradbury or another staff member.

It was also announced that a new mountain biking group will meet on the Tellico Village Wellness Center’s new off-road biking trails.

“It has worked out beautifully, since recreational outdoor activities has sky-rocketed due to COVID,” Sykes said.

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