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Tellico Village Broadcasting is celebrating 25 years of operation this year.

While staff and location have changed over the last 25 years, station manager Keith Sanderson believes the broadcasting group remains strong because Villagers need news regardless of how they consume it.


Tellico Village Broadcasting is funded by the POA and is staffed by volunteers. Content includes news and information about Village activities and items of interest to Villagers, as well as local governance such as POA updates and Loudon County commissioner updates.


Last year the group produced 111 programs and more than 1,000 bulletins, Sanderson said.

“Technology has taken us a long way,” he said. “Now that things are digital we can do so much more than back in the days when we were founded.”

Tellico Village Broadcasting has much to be proud of. Over the years, they have continued to grow and stay fluent with the times. They are constantly pushing the envelope to develop better technology and better stories. One thing for sure is that there is never a shortage of material to cover here in Tellico Village.

The future continues to shine even brighter for TVB.


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