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Bliss Award Winner

Presented by Real Estate Scorecard.com, Tellico Village has won four consecutive Bliss Awards and is one of only two communities in the southeast to do so. Real Estate Scorecard (RES) visits and rates 350 plus southeastern master planned communities each year. At the end of each year, RES asks the residents of the visited communities to rate the places they live. RES then takes the resident responses and combines its ratings to determine the Bliss Award winners. In Late 2015 and early 2016, 1400 Tellico Village households told RES what they thought of their community, and the Village won another Bliss Award.

Tellico Village Bliss Awards

2013    Best Community in Tennessee

2014    Happiest Community in the Southeast

2015    Community Spirit Award

2016    Best Community in Tennessee


Ideal Living Magazine

One of the active adult community industry’s leading publications, Ideal Living issued a “Best of the Best” in the magazine’s summer 2016 edition. Tellico Village was cited for having the “Best of the Best”:

– Lake Community

– Pickleball Club

– Social Calendar

No other rated community was recognized as having the “Best of the Best” in so many categories.