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Tellico Village Broadcasting is a local Public Access Community Television station that broadcasts on Charter Cable channel 193 in Tellico Village to provide announcements of activities and events. Interviews with community leadership are broadcast on a regular basis. These include a summary of Tellico Village Property Owners Association (TVPOA) board meetings, commentary by the Tellico Village Commissioner to the Loudon County Commission and monthly review of the Golf Advisory Committee activities. Special events include coverage of the more than 200 activity groups and clubs in Tellico Village.

TV Broadcasting is staffed by volunteers. The station is located at 210 Chota Road directly above the Fire Hall and near the TVPOA offices. The phone and FAX contact is 865-458-9917. There is a 24-hour answering service available.

To view the station’s videos or post an event, click here: http://tellicovillagebroadcasting.org