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The Public Library at Tellico Village is a full service public library that is open to all who live or work in the surrounding communities. There is no charge to receive a library card. However, patrons are encouraged to become a member of the Friends of the Tellico Village Library organization.

Loudon County libraries receive their funding from city taxes from the city in which they are located. The Public Library of Tellico Village is not located in an incorporated city and does not have a tax base for funding. The county provides the salaries for the library’s two paid part time employees. The Regional library provides technical support and one book lease program. All other expenses are paid by the Friends of the Tellico Village Library. These expenses include mortgage, operating expenses and a second book lease program. It is the only library in the state of Tennessee that does not receive funding from a municipality. Not all retirement villages have a library with the resources, support and history of the Public Library at Tellico Village.

History of Library

The Public Library at Tellico Village has its roots in the community of Tellico Village. In 1987, book lovers began a Book Club. That led to the creation of a small lending library furnished with 500 books from the Loudon County Library Regional Bookmobile.

Surveys circulated indicated an interest in a library. The Friends of the Tellico Village Library was incorporated in 1992 to manage and fund the fledgling endeavor. Three retired professional librarians volunteered to manage the library. In 1992, the Friends had 95 members. The Friends’ membership now numbers more than 1000 households.

Several moves later, each to larger facilities, the library changed its focus. The time had come to move from serving only the residents of Tellico Village. In 1997, the library became The Tellico Village Public Library to serve the residents of all the surrounding communities. In October 2012, the library moved into a 6554 square foot building financed through a special loan from the United States Rural Development Agency. The mortgage and operating expenses are the responsibility of the Friends of the Tellico Village Library. The name of the library was changed to The Public Library at Tellico Village to reflect the fact that it is indeed a public library.


The Public Library at Tellico Village’s vision is to be the center for lifelong learning, providing the community with access to the information that will fulfill personal growth, cultural enrichment and knowledge in all fields of interest.