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The east Tennessee weather seems to be a draw every year for canoeists from all over the country. February rains have given whitewater canoeists a chance this year to run streams that cannot be traveled by boat usually. Every year the Tennessee weather in March attracts open-boat canoeists from across the country, Canada and as far away as Germany to make the pilgrimage here for the unofficial kickoff to the season called “Ain’t Louiefest.” Double the average rainfall in February caused the Tellico River to measure 1.7 feet on the United States Geological Survey gage. The event coordinator says that even a half inch of rain will create 30 places to run a whitewater canoe within an hours drive from Tellico Plains.

baby falls_1520816401139.jpg_13541306_ver1.0

The photo above shows a canoeist plunging over “Baby Falls”-a 13 foot drop.

If you’re an enthusiast of the sport or just looking for outdoor fun and adventure, then Tellico Village just may be the perfect place for you to retire.


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