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Have you ever been fitted for golf clubs.? Are you happy with your current clubs but unsure if they fit you? Over half of the golf population plays with clubs that do not fit their game! Every player is different and having the correct equipment that fits your swing is NECESSARY to playing better golf.


Tanasi just recently installed a LOFT & LIE machine. Through this machine we can check the lofts and lies of you golf clubs to be sure they are the correct specifications for your game!



If you have never been fitted, if you’re tall or short, and/or have an unusually shallow or steep swing, you may want to think about visiting myself or another golf professional who can check whether the lie angle of your irons is appropriate. At the point of impact, if the head of the golf club is too flat (i.e. the toe points down) it can drag on the grass, acts for an instant as a pivot, and causes the plane of the face to tile towards the right – which is where the ball will go. If the lie is too upright, the heel of the club will dig in and cause pulled shots to the left.

As a rule, shorter golfers will generally benefit from slightly flatter lies; taller golfers may need them tweaked upright.

Most manufacturers do offer irons in a variety of different lies – but generally only as a special order.

So how do you tell whether the lie is correct on your clubs? The technology for testing this is very simple. Come find a Golf Professional on staff. What we will do is put some masking or impact tape on the sole of the club – and get you to hit some balls off a lie testing board (essentially a black strip of hard plastic). This leaves a mark or hole in the tape when you hit a ball off it. If the lie angle of your clubs is correct, the tape will be marked where the center of the sole is and the clubs are fine. If it’s marking towards the toe, lie angle is too flat, and towards the heel, too upright.

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Once you’ve established whether or not the lie angles need tweaking, most clubs can be usually altered in a matter of minutes by us for a modest fee, well worth paying.
It’s worth noting that because an incorrect lie angle causes the plane (and therefore, loft) of the club to become tilted, getting the lie angle correct is much more important on short irons than long irons.


Similarly, it is also worth having the lofts of your clubs checked, say, 1-2 times a year. If you’re playing a lot of golf with forged clubs – which are made of softer metal – it might even be worth having them checked more regularly.

Club heads are just bits of metal – and hitting them regularly on the ground (as you do with every shot) will over time inevitably bend them out to some extent. Even brand new clubs straight from the factory have a tolerance which might be plus or minus 2 degrees. So why is it important to check them?

If, for example, on your own set your 7 iron loft was, let’s say, a couple of degrees weak (i.e. more lofted) and your eight iron a couple of degrees strong (i.e. less lofted) it could mean that both clubs have exactly the same loft – and you could be hitting both clubs the same distance! This scenario is not as unusual as you might think – so, please come get your club specifications checked!

Associated Costs?

FREE to check loft/lie!

$5 per club to bend

$25 for a set (5 or more)

I look forward to helping you improve your set of clubs in order to improve your game! Stop in at Tanasi today and let’s get your game headed in the right direction!


Casey Flenniken, PGA


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