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So what are the top priorities for choosing a retirement community? Location has always been an important factor for active adults when deciding where to retire. Boomers who want a quiet and tranquil retirement may opt for smaller sized communities located near a big city. Tellico Village is located near Knoxville and Maryville. A recent trend shows that some active 55+ adults are relocating to areas near college towns for their retirement. We are located near the University of Tennessee Knoxville and Maryville University. Communities near college towns offer retirees the calm vibe typical of a small town while also providing plenty of things to do like continuing education opportunities, college sporting events, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. Developers have also built communities near major metro areas for retirees who want easy access to urban attractions yet be far enough from the hustle and bustle of city life. Tellico Village is the perfect location for getting away, yet being close enough to enjoy all the things listed here.


Another top priority when choosing a retirement location is proximity to medical facilities. Retirees and 55+ active adults want to have easy access to healthcare centers, doctor’s offices, and hospitals in order to get their medical needs met quickly. Tellico Village has its own on-site medical facility. Summit Medical Group has an office adjacent to the Tellico Village Wellness Center. This location is a primary care facility. Other medical centers convenient to our community:

Fort Loudoun Medical Center

Tennova Hospital in Turkey Creek

Parkwest Hospital

University of Tennessee Hospital

Fort Sanders Hospital

St. Mary’s Hospital

Blount Memorial

Provision Proton Therapy Center

Thompson Cancer Center



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