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Village Quilters: Quilting for a Cause

Carole Spahn established the Village Quilters in the fall of 1996 with a charter membership of approximately 10 members. We’ve grown tremendously from those early days in numbers as well as skills. At present, our membership of over 300 hails … Continued

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A Homegrown Treasure: The Tellico Village Public Library

It’s safe to say Tellico Villagers are an ambitious bunch and a volunteer spirit runs through their veins. Really, it’s just who they are: a group willing to give anything for their neighbors and do anything to make the community … Continued

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Pickleball: A Sport for Everyone

Pickleball is a newer sport that goes far beyond simply hitting a ball with a paddle. In Tellico Village we have refined pickleball into a pastime and lifestyle that melds well with the spirit of our community. For those not … Continued

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Welcoming the Summertime Fun

When the seasons change and spring starts to feel like summer, its impossible for boaters not to get the itch to be out on the water. There is nothing quite like that first summer boat ride, when you feel the … Continued

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Everyday is a Celebration at the Yacht Club

Pride and hard work is at the core of what we do – every day calls for the utmost attention to detail to pull off a wonderful experience for our guests, who feel like personal friends. After all, we call … Continued

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Living Near a College Town – A Mecca for Learning and New Experiences

At 9 a.m. on Thursday, you make your way over to campus, coffee in hand for your lecture course on music theory taught by a top-notch professor. An hour later, you’re out the door and headed home to study for … Continued

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Day Trips With the Tellico Village Garden Club

One great thing about Tellico Village is it’s truly in the heart of it all. Numerous vibrant cities are just a quick drive away, so getting where you want, when you want is seamless. Some popular destinations for day trips … Continued

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A Little Healthy Competition and a lot of Neighborhood Bonding

What is one thing Michigan fans and Ohio State fans agree on? It’s not a trick question or foolish joke. At least not in Tellico Village. Here, a passion for the Lady Vols basketball team unites even the craziest die-hard … Continued

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